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Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa. I'm currently in school for my Bachelor's in Social Work with a minor in Juvenile Justice. Life is what we make it so why let "society" ruin it. If you are a part of society and allow it to influence you, this blog is not for you. If not, enjoy reading about hair and products, music, society, relationships, and anything else I can think of.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Punctuation Mark Would You Be?

Come to think of it...I'm pretty sure no one has ever taken the time to really think about what punctuation they would want to be. But, since I am given the opportunity...I'm actually stuck between the comma and the exclamation point. The comma is put when you want a reader to slow down, like taking a breather and preparing for the next clause. That's how I am sometimes. I find that I pause when I speak sometimes (mostly when I am having trouble explaining myself), like now. I would definitely be the exclamation because it provides extreme emotion to whatever it is you want to say...exaggerated or not. The exclamation point is describes different emotions, like anger, frustration, happiness, joy, excitement, and so on. The exclamation point does so much for an expressive sentence. It also describes my attitude. When I am excited, I yell or shout...just like one would react in a sentence with an exclamation point at the end.

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